12.05.2014 Karapürçek 110 km
25.05.2014 Nallıhan 200 km
10.06.2014 Beypazarı 250 km
15.06.2014 Ayaş 310 km
29.06.2014 Güzelyurt 350 km
06.07.2014 Elmadağ 410 km
13.07.2014 Yozgat 500 km
22.07.2014 Akdağmaden 585 km
06.08.2014 Sivas 687 km
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About me  
Hello! First of all I’d like to thank you for visiting my web site and I’d like to write about my self a bit. I was born in 1968 in Istanbul, Turkiye. My interest in pigeons started in 1981 with tumbler pigeons. I bred pigeons as a hobby until 2002 but when I had my loft built on the roof of our factory in Kartal, Istanbul, my interest in racing pigeons started. I became a member of Pendik Racing Pigeons Club, which had about 50 members. Thus, my intensive activities about racing pigeons started. I went to Germany and Belgium to see the lofts of racing pigeon fanciers and to visit International Kassel Racing Pigeons Fair in 2003. Then in 2004, I had a chance to visit Dortmund Racing Pigeons Fair in 2004, in Germany. In 2004, I went to Malta Island and met the pigeon fanciers there. I have been to Belgium four times and I met some important pigeon fanciers whose pictures I saw only in books and Videos. I also got a chance to buy about 40 pigeons from those people. Some of these people who I bought pigeons from are JOS THONE, from Belgium, LOUIS VAN DER WIELEN, DESMET MATHIJS LOUIS VANGRAMBEREN (white racing pigeons), DESIRE VAN ROY, RENE VAN DEN BROECK, IGO FRANS, EMILE ET JEAN CLAUD FOURMANOIR,GABY VANDENABEELE, LOUIS VAN RIET(STICHELBOUT PIGEONS) and EMMANUEL DE BONO from MALTA.I go to Belgium to visit pigeon fanciers there and to learn more about their system of breeding pigeons and buy pigeons and some products twice a year. I can’t help mentioning Suleyman Meric, who put me up and helped me to meet other pigeon fanciers in Belgium and his help to bring top quality pigeons tu Turkiye since 1993.

At the moment I’m part of the Board of Pendik Branch and Organizations of Races of the Pigeons.

You will be able to see the pictures of my loft and some of my pigeons in my web site.

Best and Regards,
Ekmel Akdik
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